Fire Bowl
Fire Bowl
Fire Bowl
Fire Bowl

Fire Bowl

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Make lasting memories with family and friends!

INCLUDES: Our handcrafted Fire bowl Concrete Fireplace set that brings elegance and sophistication to any room with its distinctive concrete finish. Best of all, it runs on widely available isopropyl alcohol, so there’s never any smoke, wax, soot, or ashes to clean up. And you don’t need a chimney or vent to use it. When you are not using this beautiful fireplace, use it as a candle base or a succulent planter.

Skull fire bowl comes with an 8oz metal cup

Round Fire Bowl comes with a 1oz metal cup  

How To Use:
- Position the Fire Pit on a level and sturdy surface and make sure to keep away from children and pets.
- Fill up to just below the rim of the stainless bowl with 70% - 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (Make sure flame is out when refilling)
- Use either a long neck lighter or long matches to light (Beware of sudden flame)
- Approximately 30 minute burn time (depending on fuel used)
- To put out the fire, cover with a non-flammable object (Our Tray as an example)

Please follow all fire safety precautions

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